Thursday, August 13, 2009

Top Ten Week

Hazel's top 10 reasons why you lost your game
1. You blundered
2. You were too tired
3. You were distracted
4. Your opponent outplayed you
5. You got caught in a trap (i.e. in the opening)
6. You ran out of time
7. You didn't show up for the game
8. You drank too much caffeine/alcohol
9. You saw that you were playing a grandmaster and ran away
10. You were playing your child (a.k.a. you lost on purpose)

On a more positive 10 reasons why you won your game
1. You were well-prepared
2. You outplayed your opponent
3. You set a trap
4. You attacked like crazy and it happened to work...this time
5. You were playing a lower-rated player
6. You promoted a pawn...or two...or five (true story!)
7. Your opponent was psyched out
8. You managed your time better
9. You showed up for the game and waited the full one hour for your opponent to show up
10. You had a lucky charm