Saturday, November 28, 2009

Top Ten

The chess player's top 10 ways to stay warm this winter:

1. Play chess! While skiers and snowboarders are out catching colds, chess players can enjoy the warmth of their local indoor chess club.

2. Play blitz/rapid. The fast pace sure generates some heat!

3. Play a super grandmaster. Trust me, you won't have time to think about the cold.

4. Remember to shake hands with your opponent. Perfect for melting the frost before an important match.

5. Travel to a tournament abroad, such as the 19th annual North American Open in Nevada (December 26 - 29)

6. Make sure the organizer has turned on the heater (if possible). You may be fine at first, but nobody likes coughing five hours later.

7. Dress warmly. I know you want to wear your patriotic chess t-shirt, BUT please don't forget a sweater!

8. Don't stay in one spot the whole time. By moving around every so often, your body generates much needed heat. When not playing a game, also look for opportunities to get some exercise.

9. Eat properly. Hot foods and drinks are good choices to re-energize. Eat regularly to regulate your metabolism and keep warmer!

10. Enjoy yourself. You are much more likely to feel cold for extended periods of time when you get tired or bored. Have fun and time will just fly by!