Sunday, November 21, 2010

Would You Rather? - my answers

1. Would you rather snap your fingers and magically turn all chess sets in the world blue or twitch your nose and magically turn all chess sets in the world green?

Blue is a nice colour, but since I cannot snap very well, the sets would probably turn out all wrong. I'm not even going to try twitching my nose.

2. Would you rather be in charge of naming a new chess-related food product or naming a new chess-related beverage product (be specific about the product)?

I would like to oversee a chess-themed Coke product...we could call it "Choke" :) Actually, I don't think much of that would sell. How about "Choca-Chola", "Coca Chessola" or "bubbly drink which happens to be related to chess"? Maybe I need to rethink this...

3. Would you rather play a chess game in which all pawns are replaced by knights or a game in which rooks are turned upside down and used as queens?

Knights!!! That would be a cool game. However, I would only play under one condition - I'm NOT the one bringing the set, because that would mean having to bring an extra four sets worth of knights.

4. Would you rather go to a 'chess university' for two semesters or play tournament games every day for a year?

I'm a bit biased, being in university and all, which means I miss playing tournament games more than sitting in lecture halls.

5. Would you rather play a chess game against Barney or a Teletubbie (haha, not sure if I spelled that right) of your choice?

I would choose to play against Barnie. That way, we could all sing the "I love you" song at the end and forget about the game itself. Hey, who said dinosaurs can't play chess? Hmmm...I'm starting to think I'll regret what I post to answer these questions?!

6. Would you rather play ice chess (chess using a set made of ice) in an igloo or stone chess (set made of stone) in a cave? Assume there are no bears in the cave!

Ice chess! Even if there are no bears, caves just scare me.

7. Would you rather win $450 cash or a new 16GB Wifi Apple iPad (worth $549 + tx) at a chess tournament?

Tempting...but no matter how amazing technology is, I'd have to take the cash and pay my rent :(

8. Would you rather paint your room with black and white squares or cover your walls with newspaper articles related to chess?

I don't think I could live with that many newspaper articles on the wall. Too distracting, and collects too much dust. So black and white it is. Of course, I'll stick with blue in real life.

9. Would you rather be in charge of a chess-related design for stamps, coins, cereals, or clothing lines?

All of them!!!

If I had to choose, I would make a Count Chessula cereal. I know it sounds silly, but breakfast is my happiest meal of the day :) It's also the easiest way to encourage kids to play! Come to our tournament and get yummy, awesome, amazing, delicious, tasty Count Chessula cereal for free*!!!!! *conditions apply

10. Would you rather play in a tournament which allows cellphones to ring during the game or a tournament which allows participants to play music openly?

I don't see a point of letting cellphones ring if people can't answer them, and it's the chattering on the phone that provides the biggest problem. Therefore, I'd have to choose the music option. I guess I'd look at who's playing in the tournament, and secretly find out everyone's music tastes to see if I should join. Trust me, it's a lot different having Taylor Swift's "Dear John" ( playing in the background (yes, she mentions chess in that song!!!) and having the chocolate song ( blasting from your opponent's iPod.