Saturday, October 30, 2010

Canada gets GOLD!!!

Claiming the U10 gold medal and the FM title!

U10 Open

1. Jason Cao (CAN) 9.0/11.0 tiebreak 56.5
2. Jeffrey Xiong (USA, 1824) 9.0/11.0 tiebreak 54.5
3. Abhimanyu Puranik (IND, 1790) 8.5/11.0 tiebreak 55.0

Jason is only nine years old, from Saanich District in Victoria, B.C. He has been playing chess for two years, with no formal coaching. His goal is to be world champion!

Other Notable Finishes, result above 50%

Jackie Peng (U12 girls) 7.0/11.0 = 12th place
Andrea Botez (U08 girls) 6.5/11.0 = 25th place
Joshua Doknjas (U08 open) 6.5/11.0 = 32nd place
Joseph Bellissimo (U10 open) 6.0/11.0 = 51st place
Veronicka (Nicka) Kalaydina (U14 girls) 6.0/11.0 = 31st place
Janet Peng (U10 girls) 6.0/11.0 = 45th place
Roman Sapozhnikov (U16 open) 6.0/11.0 = 48th place
Terry Song (U12 open) 6.0/11.0 = 60th place
Kelly Wang (U10 girls) 6.0/11.0 = 35th place
Jerry Xiong (U16 open) 6.0/11.0 = 55th place

Congratulations to ALL members of the Canadian Team. It was a wonderful tournament to follow, and you should all be very proud. While it's great to celebrate accomplishments, you don't have to win all the time to enjoy the experience! I hope to see juniors continue to play chess in the future!

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