Thursday, October 1, 2009

Famous Chess Players

No...I don't mean grandmasters, but people who are/were famous in other disciplines:

Some notable names:
- John Adams, US president
- Ben Affleck, actor
- Prince Albert, husband of Queen Victoria
- Alan Alda, actor
- Woody Allen, actor/producer/director
- Sir Francis Bacon, English philosopher
- Antonio Banderas, actor
- Ludwig van Beethoven, composer
- David Blaine, magician
- Anne Boleyn, mother of Queen Elizabeth I
- Napoleon Bonaparte, emperor
- Barry Bonds, baseball player
- Bono, singer (U2)
- Richard Branson, entrepreneur
- Mel Brooks, producer/actor
- Kobe Bryant, basketball player
- Nicholas Cage, actor
- Lewis Carroll, writer
- Jimmy Carter, US president
- Bill Cartwright, basketball player/coach
- Fidel Castro, Cuban president
- Wilt Chamberlain, basketball player
- Charlie Chaplin, actor
- Charlemagne, French leader
- Ray Charles, musician
- Anton Chekhov, dramatist
- Cher, singer
- Frederic Chopin, pianist
- Winston Churchill, British PM
- Grover Cleveland, US president
- Christopher Columbus, explorer
- Bill Cosby, actor
- Tom Cruise, actor
- Leonardo da Vinci, scientist/artist
- Salvador Dali, artist
- Matt Damon, actor
- Ted Danson, actor
- Neil Diamond, singer
- Charles Dickens, writer
- Albert Einstein, scientist
- Elizabeth I and II, queens of England
- Roger Federer, tennis player
- Ian Fleming, author
- Michael J. Fox, actor
- Jamie Foxx, actor
- Benjamin Franklin, politician/inventor
- Sigmond Freud, phychiatrist
- Zsa Zsa Gabor, actress


Please don't get me involved in this!

"Says the guy whose daughter's blog gets free plugs from KS's blog." - Brian Profit, chesstalk

I have no idea why the thread is closed, but I'll post my response here instead:

Please do not get me involved in this argument. The Stockhausen incident has already caused tension in one family, and further conflict and personal attacks only seem to divide us (chess players) further. Personally, I am trying my best to promote chess in Canada, and I don't like seeing references to me or my blog in such a distasteful manner. What I post is my sole discretion, and I don't decide whether or not Kevin Spraggett posts my material on his blog (I don't even have contact with him). In fact, I have never judged my blog based on its "free plugs", but instead, on all the work I have put into it, and the people it may have helped. If you don't like it, or think I have some unfair advantage, then just don't read it.