Thursday, December 2, 2010

Countdown #2

A reminder to read the contest rules ( before attempting to send your answers :)

Countdown #2 - Cryptograms

Value: 2 points for each correctly identified quote (details below)

The phrases below have been encoded, with each number representing a unique letter. Each cryptogram contains a different code, so if A = 1 in one cryptogram, A may not equal 1 in another.

Your job is to decode the quote (1 point each), and find out who said it (1 point each - hint: you can just put the quote into a search engine like Google once it is decoded). Don't forget to send in your answers -your answers can simply be the quote and speaker - you don't have to send a chart of letters/numbers.

Note: click the cryptogram for a slightly better view!

(Sorry the cryptogram below has a title that won't seem to stay centred like the other two - I may have to fix that later :D)