Monday, September 28, 2009

Top Ten is back!

Top 10 things to do BEFORE a game:
1. review openings *note: understand, don't just memorize*
2. review tactics
3. play some practice games
4. grab a wholesome breakfast/lunch/dinner
5. sleep!!!!
6. check the standings and make sure your pairings didn't they sometimes do
7. take a walk
8. chat with your fellow players or organizers
9. take a washroom break
10. wish a good game/good luck to your opponent (shake hands)

Top 10 things to do DURING a game:
1. concentrate
2. analyze
3. plan
4. move! ( have to)
5. remember to press your clock
6. be mindful of your time control
7. be respectful to your opponent and others
8. take small breaks to refresh, especially if you start to feel tired
9. notate your game for future reference
10. have fun!!!!

Top 10 things to do AFTER a game:
1. stop the clock
2. shake hands with your opponent
3. offer to analyze the game with your opponent in the skittles room *note: don't forget to clean up your tournament board/area before going to the skittles room!*
4. analyze the game
5. make mental notes about key points you can learn from your game (you can also make notes on your score sheet)
6. take a break to refresh and relax
7. recheck the standings
8. eat something
9. congratulate others for doing well in their games
10. prepare for your next game!