Friday, September 11, 2009

More Than 900 Page Views!

Well...this is sort of outdated (900 was passed a few days ago, and it's now nearing 1000), but here it is anyway!

Long Time No "See"...I mean "Joke"

Where can you find most of a blindfolded player's weaknesses?
Answer: The c-file!

Toronto Labour Day Open Results


Top Scores:
OPEN: GM Bator Sambuev & IM Leonid Gerzhoy 5/6
U2300: Aman Hambleton 4/6
U2200: Pavel Rakov & David Southam 5/6
U2000: Mickey Stein & Daniel Aparicio 5/6
U1800: Michael Song & Dmitry Chernik 5/6
U1600: Joseph Bellissimo 6/6 *cheers!*
U1400: Frank Wang 5.5/6
Unrated: Benjamin H. Yang 3.5/6
Wildcard: Renee Caday