Sunday, November 15, 2009

Chess Anagrams

You've probably already visited this site,, but always a good laugh. Just for fun, I decided to try some chess anagrams of my own...

Topic: popular chess tournaments attended by Canadians
(These anagrams are a lot harder to come up with than one might expect!)

1. Canadian Open
A no pain dance
There's no real violence...on the chess board that is....

2. Canadian Closed
Add loan in case 'C'
Better protect your wallet if plan A and B don't work !? (In other words, you will slowly drown in the debt of chess tournament fees)

3. World Youth Chess Championships
O shh! Why? Idols' match up in process.
This large international event can become quite noisy and overwhelming for young children. However, it also attracts many young stars (idols).

4. Canadian Youth Chess Championships
Ah, my position has chances. I can push d!
Many a kind have suffered the ferocity of this central pawn!

5. Olympiad
Daily mop
It's hard work cleaning up opponent after opponent.

6. Ontario Open
O! None to pair!
Ah...I still remember the days when pairings went smoothly...or not

7. Macedonian Open
One main code -- "nap"
If you want a good result in this master-filled tournament, your best hope is to get a good night's rest.