Monday, May 16, 2011

Select Pieces of Recent News

I've got an awful headache, so bear with me...this is to make up for last Thursday.

A Harvard economist played chess -

Deaf athlete relates NBA to chess - “And so you learn to be a visual player. And you're out there, you're playing chess. You have to rely on strategy and intelligence and not just brute force and athleticism all the time." - Lance Allred -

New 'Gangsta' and 'Shorty' chess pieces? -

Hip-Hop Chess Federation unites chess and rap -

"Queen to Play" chess movie -

To make elementary school chess compulsory or not? -

3D Standing Chess -

Artificial Intelligence (chess and computers) -

The Importance of Defense (Susan Polgar) -

Quiet Moves in Endgames (Ronan Bennett, Daniel King) -

Alex Beach, 12, chess master & genius despite autism and partial blindness -

Book claims that genetics determine success more than "tiger parenting" -

Chess according to Sheldon on "The Big Bang Theory" -

(NOTE: These are just some of the many articles online. You may wish to use them to get ideas & research further :) I try to include a broad selection of news for this purpose, rather than specific articles about tournaments alone.)

Marvelous Monday - Would You Rather?

Five "Would You Rather?" Questions - my answers next weekend

1. Would you rather learn an opening from a top grandmaster or from a player the opening is named after (assuming you are learning an opening named after a person, such as Petroff, Philidor, etc.)?

2. Would you rather win a game with a queen sacrifice or with a 10-move forced combination?

3. Would you rather go on vacation to play in a large chess tournament or go on vacation without a chess board in sight (but come back to chess after the vacation!)?

4. Would you rather participate in a chess camp/event or be an instructor at a chess camp/event?

5. Would you rather play chess against the Prime Minister of Canada (Harper) or the President of the U.S. (Obama)?