Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wacky Wednesday - Personality Quiz

Let's try something new for a change. Personality quizzes are popular in magazines, so why not include them in a blog?

What type of 'chess animal' are you?

For each of these questions, choose the answer that suits you best!

Question 1: How do you usually win your games?
(a) Brilliant checkmate
(b) Long, drawn-out endgame
(c) Perhaps win some material, then use the advantage later on to checkmate

Question 2: What is your first instinct when you realize a king's castle is open?
(a) That king is not safe!
(b) There may be a way to get an advantage!
(c) What a great chance to attack!

Question 3: If there was one type of piece you feel you couldn't play without, what would it be?
(a) Queens
(b) Minor Pieces (Knights or Bishops)
(c) Pawns

Question 4: When you see yourself playing black against a higher-rated opponent, what result do you tend to anticipate?
(a) Loss
(b) Draw
(c) Win

Question 5: If your position gets closed, you immediately
(a) Decide on a new plan
(b) Try to open up the position
(c) Reorganize your pieces, but let the closed structure remain

Total up your points:

Q1 (a) 3 points (b) 1 point (c) 2 points
Q2 (a) 1 point (b) 2 points (c) 3 points
Q3 (a) 3 points (b) 2 points (c) 1 point
Q4 (a) 1 point (b) 2 points (c) 3 points
Q5 (a) 2 points (b) 3 points (c) 1 point


5 points - 8 points
You're a bear -

You tend to sit back and wait for something to happen. You like solid structures and calm positions. However, if your opponent causes too many disruptions, you unleash your inner strength. To improve, bring your strength to the next level - take initiative as soon as there is an opportunity - don't wait for your opponent to make the first attack, otherwise you risk getting too passive.

9 points - 11 points
You're a chameleon -

No one really knows what's on your mind. You 'change the colour' of each of your games by adding unique twists and turns. Sometimes you choose to stay calm like a bear, sometimes you push ahead like a lion, and sometimes you do something really extraordinary. To improve, be aware of your tendencies and situations, then match various styles to appropriate positions.

12 points - 15 points
You're a lion -

You are always on the prowl for a fresh way to attack. You like unbalanced, unclear positions. People fear your fierceness, and may try to hide or fight back. Either way, you are always ready for a challenge. To improve, keep up with tactical themes, and make sure to build your attacks thoroughly (rather than spontaneously). Of course, not all positions call for an immediate attack, so be patient - even lions need up to 20 hours rest per day!

Wasn't that fun?

(Note - this quiz is just for fun, not for serious training. You should consult your instructor or further resources before determining your precise style. Quiz was designed by Hazel :) Hope you liked it - more to come in the future!)