Saturday, February 19, 2011

Chess Libs

Have you ever played Mad Libs ( They sure are a lot of fun, and produce hilarious results. In order to get this blog going again, I thought it would be interesting to make my own chess lib. Try it for yourself!


The following story is missing some words. Without revealing the sentences, have a friend fill out the form below using only the information provided (noun, verb, adjective, ...). Then put it all together and read it out loud!!! Trust me, in most cases, you'll get a good laugh.

Story (see form below):

Once upon a ___1___, there was a ___2___ chess king named Harry. He ___3___ all the squares, every one of them, ___4___ or white. He would ___5___ in his castle day in and ___6___ out, tending to his ___7___ knights and ___8___pawns. He would tell them stories of how one day, they might become ___9___, and find their own kings and castles. Yes, Harry had a ___10___ life. However, just over the squares was another king. Jealous of Harry’s ___11___, this king sent pawns, knights, bishops, rooks, and even a ___12___ to attack. As a result, Harry had to ___13___ from his happy ___14___ on g1, until at last, he thought he had escaped. He ___15___ and ___15___ until he noticed how far he had gone off track. He could no longer see his ___16___ anymore. Then, out of ___17___, someone screamed “___18___” and Harry fell to the board. Was this the end for the ___19___ king? ... Of course not, let’s ___20___ again!


Noun = person, place, or thing (boy, school, tree, ...)
Verb = action word (present tense - run, skip, dive, ...; past tense - ran, skipped, dove, ...)
Adjective = describes a noun (short, funny, fragile, ...)
  1. Noun __________________
  2. Adjective __________________
  3. Verb (past tense) __________________
  4. Colour __________________
  5. Verb (past tense) __________________
  6. Noun __________________
  7. Adjective __________________
  8. Adjective __________________
  9. Noun (plural) __________________
  10. Adjective __________________
  11. Feeling __________________
  12. Noun __________________
  13. Verb __________________
  14. Location __________________
  15. Verb (past tense) __________________
  16. Noun (plural) __________________
  17. Location __________________
  18. Expression __________________
  19. Adjective __________________
  20. Verb __________________

Top 12 Notice

I am still looking to contact the following members of the Top 12:

Patrick Angelo Tolentino
Jamil F. Kassam
Derick Aghamalian
Jeff Zhang
Yuekai Wang

Razvan having received his award:

Photo taken by Rene Preotu