Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Countdown #8

A reminder to read the contest rules ( before attempting to send your answers :)

Countdown #8 - Would You Rather? x5

Value: 1 point per question answered

This one's pretty simple - all your have to do is send your answers to these "would you rather" questions. Your answer does not have to match my answer, does not need a lengthy explanation, and as long as it answers the question appropriately ("appropriately" means not just random answers that make no sense), it will score the point(s)!

1. Would you rather play chess with Santa over candy canes and a steamy cup of hot chocolate, or play chess with Frosty over a tasty plateful of cookies and a cup of milk/chocolate milk (that you obviously took from Santa!)?

2. Would you rather go ice skating or snowboarding after a weekend chess tournament?

3. Would you rather participate in a tiebreaker involving a snowball fight or a snowman-building competition?

4. Would you rather take chess advice from an elf or a reindeer?

5. Would you rather drive two hours through a blizzard to get to a chess event or walk in the cold for fourty-five minutes?