Monday, March 21, 2011

Would You Rather?

More "Would You Rather?" Questions!

1. Would you rather play chess in a room that's a bit too bright or a bit too dark?

2. Would you rather have a chess-themed picnic or chess-themed campfire?

3. Would you rather receive a bag of promotional items (pens, coupons, etc.) or free refreshments (water, coffee, juice, etc.) at a chess tournament?

4. Would you rather have a friend/family member play on the board next to you or on the other side of the room?

5. Would you rather play a chess game in a beautiful plaza (with cafe, fountain, trees, etc.) or next to a beautiful ocean?

6. Would you rather play online chess games under your own name or a made-up name?

7. Would you rather play chess on top of the Great Wall of China or directly below the Eiffel Tower?

8. Would you rather come to a chess tournament on a bad hair day or after getting only four hours of sleep?

9. Would you rather play in a chess tournament at a moderately-nice venue with free parking or a deluxe venue with pay parking?

10. Would you rather have pairings made under the Swiss system (with large section size) or Round Robin system (with small section size)?