Thursday, May 5, 2011

More Stuff Soon!

Hey Readers!!!

How is everyone doing? Hope you aren't under the weather - I hear a lot of illnesses are going around & it's been raining like crazy in Toronto. Let's cross our fingers for a sunny weekend!

You may be wondering why there has been a delay in blog posts. I've been extremely busy with errands + preparing activities for the OGCC (this Saturday). Time just seems to fly by! However, I do have plans starting next week to keep this blog fresh & up to date:

Weekday Posts -

Marvelous Mondays
* Begin each week with a "Checkmate!" classic - joke, quote, top ten, would you rather?, ...

Twisted Tuesdays
* Come back for brain teasers, puzzles, variants, strategy, ...

Wacky Wednesdays
* Reserved for newer features like chess libs, personality quizzes, contests, art/animations, ...

Totally Thursdays
* News, written pieces, links, visits/photos, gift guides, ...

Weekend + Friday Posts -

* surprise posts = a variety of chess-related topics, games, jokes, etc. depending on my mood

Monthly Posts -

* tournament and link updates
* camel story continuation
* player or game of the month

+ other fun stuff :)

- feel free to send in your games, photos, suggestions, etc.

If you're attending the OGCC, hope to see you there! If not, have a nice weekend & check back next week for more exciting posts!