Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Twisted Tuesday - Puzzles

These are the puzzles I selected for the OGCC this past weekend (+ added the rhymes). Try them for yourself!

Kindergarten - Grade 1
"I really want to take the knight, but after 2. Kc2 the game is tight. Can I win material in three? Help me, help me, what can you see?"

Grade 2
"When I got his queen, my advantage grew. Now I have mate in two!"

Grade 3
"Two knights patiently wait, for the next two moves become checkmate!"

Grade 4
"My access to black's king seems quite low. But wait, isn't he on the back row?"

Grade 5
"A few moves here and there - I'm sure to get to his king - beware!"

Grade 6
"Now we're starting to get in the groove. Tell me, tell me, what's the best move?"

Grade 7 - 8
"Pieces, pieces, point east and west. Which move here is the best?"

Grade 9 - 12
"A couple ways to end this game. More or less, the checkmate's the same."