Friday, September 24, 2010

Would You Rather?

As always, my answers at the end of the week (next week):

1. Would you rather play without your e-pawn or without your d-pawn?
2. Would you rather travel to the Olympiad (in Russia) for a meal with the Canadian team or to Victoria, B.C. for a meal in the Grand Pacific hotel + a visit to Chess in the Library?
3. Would you rather play a tournament in an uncomfortably warm room or an uncomfortably cold room?
4. Would you rather be responsible for tournament equipment (including set-up) or tournament pairings?
5. Would you rather -- at this moment -- completely change your white opening or completely change your black opening?
6. Would you rather play a chess game underwater or in space?
7. Would you rather combine chess with boxing or soccer?
8. Would you rather ask the neighbour in the house/apartment to your left for a game of chess, or ask the one in the house/apartment to your right? If you don't have a neighbour to both your left and right, choose either someone who lives on the same street as you, or one who lives on a nearby street!
9. Would you rather rock climb with GM Nakamura or skydive with GM Carlsen?
10. Would you rather have a stranger yell out "Hey! Aren't you a chess player?" from the other side of a Costco store or from across the hall in your workplace/school?

Feel free to leave comments (if you're brave enough)!