Saturday, October 2, 2010

Would you rather?

To be updated...slow computer...won't let me copy and paste the questions I made earlier :(

In the meanwhile, I'll post some new questions:

1. Would you rather attend an expensive chess event with a fancy dinner banquet or attend a similar, yet less expensive event with sub sandwiches?
2. Would you rather attend a neighbourhood chess event which requires you to bike at least a couple times (yes, there are 'green' options!) or an out-of-town chess event which gives you an excuse to use the family car?
3. Would you rather have a chess-themed holiday in January or July?
4. Would you rather dress up (for Halloween) as Count Chessula or Spongebob Chesspants?
5. Would you rather have checkered black and white hair or checkered black and white teeth?
6. Would you rather live somewhere in Europe for a year, primarily to play chess, or live somewhere in Asia for a year, for the same reason?
7. Would you rather record all your chess games in red or purple ink?
8. Would you rather play chess with your left eye covered or your right eye covered?
9. Would you rather play blitz without one of your minor pieces (your opponent gets to use all pieces = material advantage) or play blitz upside down?
10. Would you rather play Hula Chess with Jennifer Shahade or Fischer Random Chess with Peter Leko?

Jokes from my statistics class (credit to Dr. Shi, wording modified a bit):


"I have a car with a bumper sticker, 'Baby on Board'. It is actually a threat. It should tell other drivers I have a screaming baby, a nagging wife, and I'm not afraid to die anymore!"

Answer the following in 30 seconds max:

A murderer is condemned to death. He is given a choice of four rooms. Which one would you choose?

(a) A room full of raging fires.
(b) A room full of assassins, who are equipped with guns.
(c) A room full of lions that haven't eaten in 2 months.
(d) A room full of statisticians, who will make you do exercises and bore you to death.

Next, answer the following for the choice you made:

Why did you choose (a)?
Why did you choose (b)?
Why did you choose (c)?
Why did you choose (d)?

The best choice:

(c) If the lions haven't eaten in 2 months, they are already dead!