Thursday, August 20, 2009

More Than 300 Page Views!

Wow! 300+ page views and 5 followers! A good start to my morning. Thanks for making my day! Enjoy the top 10 update below...

Top Ten Questions continued...

The next two questions....

3. How did you improve so quickly as a beginner?
Basically, I believed in myself! I always tried my best, never gave up, and of course, I truly enjoyed playing the game.

4. Who was your first coach? Did formal training help you?
My first professional coach was Goran Milicevic, probably when I was in grade 3. He is an amazing instructor, and I would recommend him to any student. He helped me learn an assortment of tactics and strategy, but most of all, he gave me unconditional support, and I can't thank him enough.
As for other training, I've read some books on my own, and attended Chess 'n Math after-school programs and camps. All were very helpful.