Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Hey Readers!

Know what? I missed you! Been super-busy with midterms, and now I have a lot to catch up on in terms of this blog. Almost reading week, so I'll actually have time to clean up/update some stuff. Sorry for the delays :(

Even though I haven't been posting for a couple weeks, a lot has been accomplished behind the scenes. I'm in contact with some of the parents of the top 12. However, I'm still missing quite a few, so if you know any of them, please pass along the message!!! These kids are just amazing, and shouldn't go unrecognized :) Furthermore, I've designed the certificates + currently in the process of ordering the small gifts for the top 12.

I'll be visiting a few junior chess events in the near future. That should be fun! I really enjoy seeing all the little geniuses!

Last announcement - the big winner of the fund....drum roll...

Razvan Preotu!!!

Congratulations, Razvan will receive $100 on behalf of the Elaine Howie Fund. It was such a tough decision, because all the Top 12 demonstrated unique characteristics of progress and leadership (I'll be posting a summary of accomplishments for all twelve soon). However, Razvan stood out due to his stellar performance in a variety of areas, as well as unmatched consistency - out of the 25 tournaments he participated in, his rating increased in all but three (and one of the three was breakeven). Even more, he achieved remarkable results in eight of his CFC tournaments, the most obvious being the Lasker Series, where he scored 4.5/5 with a performance 650 rating points above his rating at the time!!! As mentioned, more details to come...

To clarify the results of this decision. Razvan will receive a $100 cheque, a certificate, and small prize. Unless the monetary part of the fund significantly changes in the future, he will not qualify to receive the award twice. However, he can still be in future top 12 lists. All others in the current top 12 can qualify for both future lists and future monetary prizes. If enough funds are collected before the summer, another junior will be selected from the current list (since some funds got moved from 2010 to 2011).

I want to stress that it is an amazing accomplishment regardless of whether or not you receive a prize. The idea is to recognize great junior chess in Canada, and I personally commend you for your efforts. Parents, coaches, tournament organizers, and other supporters - thank you for the time and resources you have generously provided for these kids & many others!!!

Any questions can be sent to I will also accept any photos or games you wish to feature.

Happy Valentine's Day to all!!!