Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Poetic Attempt

Pieces, pieces, pieces,
They glitter in the light.
Opening up the position
Perhaps a pawn and knight.

Bishops take diagonals,
Rooks on files and ranks.
Fortress in the centre,
And storms along the flanks.

What a fight it is!
Both sides under stress.
Realizing one mistake,
Could end up in a mess.

Anticipating many possibilities,
Not sure what to do.
Just so many pieces,
Squares and thoughts too.

Pieces, pieces, pieces,
They aim near and far.
Making golf look easy,
When all you need is par :) (haha not so easy)

Just how to win this game,
With pieces all around?
It seems like a game of hide and seek,
Where you're always lost or found.

But now you see a brilliant move -
The best you've ever seen!
It all makes sense when pieces
Have trapped the powerful queen.