Saturday, August 29, 2009

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Pleasant View Week 5

Another day at Pleasant View full of new and returning faces. Lots of good games, and definitely a huge improvement in puzzle solving! The kids were so fast (even for the advanced puzzles) and kept asking for more. It's great to see such enthusiasm. Unfortunately, the organizers have not yet been able to secure a space for future weeks. This may result in a less frequent program at PV. Check the website for future notices.

As for me, I'll be heading off soon, so I leave my best wishes with the players and organizers. It's been a great month working with all of you, and I hope to see everyone again sometime down the road. Keep supporting Canadian chess!

Hazel's Library Jokes

Today, my mind is set in library mode, because well...that's all I have planned for now. Check back for library updates, and enjoy these jokes!
What do chess pieces like to do in a library?
Read "rooks"!

How is Chess in the Library similar to a restaurant?
Both have plenty of forks!