Thursday, December 16, 2010

Countdown #15 - 16

Countdown #15 - 16 - Top Ten

Value: 1 point per correct blank filled in.

Just for fun, here are some holiday gift wrapping pet peeves. Try to fill in the blanks. Can you think of any other wrapping peeves (1 bonus point)?

1. Wrap is too ______, and you must squeeze it tightly together to fit.
2. Wrap ______ while wrapping, so you have to rewrap or tape up the hole.
3. The gift itself has an odd ______, such as pointy or rounded ends.
4. Running out of tape/wrap.
5. Finding out someone used all the ______ for an art project. Now how will you be able to decorate the gift?
6. Realizing you wrapped the wrong gift (or gave it to the wrong person).
7. The wrap indents or creases and is hard to tape as a result.
8. Getting stuck wrapping too many gifts ______ at night.
9. ______ away the mounds of waste wrap/tape.
10. For some people, _______________ altogether!

I will be posting answers to countdown questions (for those following along at home) + a very last minute gift guide sometime next week. I'm sorry I haven't been able to post every day -- and will not be able to for a few more -- because my roommates and I have to conserve our monthly Internet usage. As a result, I have decided to find some way to give a small gift to all my readers (any ideas?) instead of one prize to a contest winner. Hope everyone is having a great season :)