Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Top Ten Week

Here's to all the hard-working organizers in chess...

Hazel's top 10 things organizers don't get enough recognition for
1. assising players and dealing with questions/complaints
2. correcting problems on the computer system
3. organizing entries, money, and results (not to mention being rushed to post results)
4. dealing with printer jams
5. cleaning up the room before and after the tournament
6. setting up pieces and clocks
7. choosing an appropriate and affordable location (travelling to and from the site, negotiating with the owners, ...)
8. Advertising the tournament
9. Preparing opening and closing speeches
10. Waiting hours and hours for all the games to be completed...and not being paid for it

Big thanks to all organizers and volunteers. You are the foundation of the great games played and the successes accomplished.

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