Friday, August 14, 2009

Top Ten Week

Hazel's top 10 things you shouldn't DO at a chess game
1. Chew gum
2. Make hand gestures while you think/move
3. Slam the pieces or clock
4. Think out loud
5. Show up almost an hour late for no good reason
6. Keep clicking a retractable pen
7. Stare at your opponent continually
8. Lean your chair
9. Forget to press your clock
10. Continuously offer a draw

Hazel's top 10 things you shouldn't BRING to a chess game
1. Your lunch/dinner
2. Nuts (unless you want your opponent to go nuts!)
3. Your handheld gaming system (like Nintendo DS)
4. Your music player
5. Your vintage chess set or clock
6. Extremely sour candy (especially if the game is being filmed on TV)
7. An electronic pencil sharpener
8. A frown/a bad mood
9. A swim suit
10. Your favourite bobblehead (trust me, it won't be bobbling very long!)

Have more top 10s you want me to cover? Simply leave your comments below!

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