Saturday, August 15, 2009

Top Ten Week

I was REALLY busy today...sorry if anyone was looking for an earlier post.

Hazel's top ten activities (today) that prevented me from posting on my blog until now
1. ate home-baked muffins for breakfast (been doing lots of baking lately) ;)
2. checked emails + played Scrabble on Facebook (for fun)
3. prepared printouts and activities for Chess in the Library program
4. helped out at Chess in the Library at PV
5. ate lunch + went to arcade with family
6. went to get ice cream + milkshakes
7. saw the movie "The Time Traveler's Wife"
8. got lost looking for our car
9. stopped by Wendy's restaurant, where the cashier surprisingly recognized me from the Ontario high school chess championships...small world
10. exhausted, but slowly made my way upstairs to reboot my laptop

There you have it...a Saturday in the life of Hazel (me). Well, not every Saturday is like this one, but it was good enough to make my top 10 list! Hope everyone else enjoyed their day too!

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