Monday, September 21, 2009

Important CFC website news

The CFC website, particularly the rating system, may still be infected by viruses:

Bob Armstrong's post

I thought these two prior posts needed to be brought to all members' attention, as they are a new warning about entering the ratings part of the CFC website ! EKG apparently did clean the last infection ( or didn't ), but now it has been hacked anew. So I am reposting the two posts:

Originally Posted by Egidijus Zeromskis

"Sorry to say, but seems that the site (rating part) was hacked again. Now it has a link to "" "

Posted by Steve Karpik:

"Some browsers like Chrome and Firefox will warn you not to visit the CFC web site. Internet Explorer won't do you that service. For the time being, I would recommend that CFC members don't query the web site for their ratings. After conducting a limited and unscientific survey of the CFC database, it seems that only some portion of the database has been infected but that's scant comfort if the data you're looking up is polluted with links to malware.

It looks right now that a fully patched computer will block the malware that is being distributed through the link to ""; however, it is probably best to be safe rather than sorry. "

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