Sunday, November 22, 2009

World Youth comes to an end...

Seems like yesterday it had just begun...but now the World Youth has come to an end. Congratulations to all participants. Special congrats to Richard Wang (U12) who is bringing home the bronze!

(Please let me know if anyone is missing from this list or if I have made any errors)

U8 Open

Yuanchen Zhang 6/11 --> 48th place/129
Biggest upsets: Drew top rated CM Jorian Jared Acosta Cubides (2015 COL) who finished 26th place, and beat Arda Coskun (TUR) who finished 47th place.

Kevin Wan 5/11 --> 77th place/129
Biggest upset: Beat Rad Jannesar (IRI) who finished 39th place.

U8 Girls

Jiaxin Liu 6/11 --> 31st place/85
Biggest upset: Beat top rated Dharewa Khushi (1612 IND) who finished 12th place.

U10 Open
Dezheng Kong
William Graif
(Sorry, the crosstable seems incomplete. I will update this later.)

U10 Girls
Melissa Giblon 4.5/11 --> 62nd place/83
Biggest upset: Beat Maria Fe Romo Herrera Ibarrola (MEX) who finished 46th place.

U12 Open
Richard Wang (2044) 8.5/11 --> 3rd place /142 WOW!!!
Biggest upsets: Beat FM Evgeny Zanan (2168 RUS) who finished 31st place, Oleg Artemenko (2157 UZB) who finished 13th place, Alexey Zenzera (2142 RUS) who finished 15th place, and FM Tuan Minh Tran (2105 VIE) who finished 18th place. Drew FM Jan-Krzysztof (2079 POL) who finished just ahead at 2nd place.

Jack Qian 4/11 --> 125th place/142
Biggest upset: Beat Daehynn Choi (1577 KOR) who finished 114th place.

U12 Girls
Rebecca Giblon 5.5/11 --> 58th place/108
Biggest upsets: Drew Nozima Aripova (1844 UZB) who finished 61st place, Qizi Baghirova Khatin Mahammad (1809 AZE) who finished 19th place, and WFM Liza Kisteneva (1797 RUS) who finished 11th place.

U14 Open
David Zhang (1998) 6/11 --> 59th place/138
Biggest upset: Drew Sebastian Kaphle (2152 GER) who finished 47th place.

Thomas Kaminski (2112) 5.5/11 --> 61st place/138
Biggest upset: Drew top rated IM Kiprian Berbatov (2463 BUL) who finished 12th place.

David Itkin 4/11 --> 121st place/138
Biggest upsets: Beat Mehmet Boztuna (1785 TUR) who finished 102nd place. Drew Shanaka Munasinghe (1811 SRI) who finished 105th place.

U14 Girls
WCM Alexandra Botez 6.5/11 --> 31st place/101
Biggest upsets: Beat WFM Daria-Ioana Visanescu (1920 ROU) who finished 47th place, and Burcu Sasmazel (1891 TUR) who finished 42nd place. Drew Izzat Rauf Qizi Rahimli (1907 AZE) who finished 60th place, and Patricija Vujnovic (1888 CRO) who finished 34th place.

(Note: For U16 sections below, no ranking is noted on the official website. I will revise this later.)

U16 Open
Karoly Szalay (2128) 6/11
Biggest upset: Drew Jaroslav Bures (2300 CZE) who finished with 6/11, and beat Jahongir Vakhidov (2216 UZB) who finished with 5/11.

Jesse B. J. Wang (1976) 5/11
Biggest upset: Beat Vahe Baghdasaryan (2294 ARM) who finished with 6/11.

U16 Girls
Dalia Kagramanov (1835) 5/11
Biggest upsets: Drew WFM Irina Petrova (2010 UKR) who finished with 6/11. Beat Zhanna Karabayeva (1994 KAZ) who also finished with 6/11.

Karen Lam 3.5/11
Biggest upset: Beat Divvya Sethumathacan (KEN) who finished with 3/11.

U18 Open
FM Eric Hansen (2409) 7/11 --> 16th place/104 Awesome!
Biggest upset: Beat GM A. R. Saleh Salem (2472 UAE) who finished 7th place.
Interesting to note: Played against both U18 Canadian teammates. Beat Kevin Me, and drew Victor Kaminski.

Victor Kaminski (2235) 5.5/11 --> 52nd place/104
Biggest upsets: Beat FM Teodor Anton (2363 ROU) who finished 50th place. Drew FM Eric Hansen (2409 CAN) who finished 16th place, as well as three other players above 2300 rating.
Interesting to note: Played against both U18 Canadian teammates. Beat Kevin Me, and drew Eric Hansen.

Kevin Me (2119) 4.5/11 --> 83rd place/104
Biggest upset: Kevin had many results, but no clear upsets. Possibly one of his draws since his opponent was unrated --> Drew Saddam Davletbakov (KGZ) who finished 75th place.
Interesting to note: Played against both U18 Canadian teammates, but unfortunately lost to both.

U18 Girls
Jasmine (Yaoshen) Du 4.5/11 --> 48th place/65
Biggest upset: Drew WGM Jovana Vojinovic (2319 MNE) who finished 10th place, as well as three other players rated over 2100. All four of these draws occurred in the first four rounds!,com_turnuva/task,show/dosya,88/Itemid,88/lang,turkish/

...but remember, for many (and hopefully all) of these players, it's not the end -- only the beginning. Keep up the spirit! -- Hazel <3


Yuanling said...

congrats to everyone who played in the WYCC.

thx Hazel for making everything so clear :)

interesting how the U18 boys all played each other...

Hazel Smith said...

you're very welcome!

of course, I was surprised too! Can't keep those guys apart!?