Friday, March 19, 2010

Hazel's Mind Bender

Since I'm in a rush, you get an easy one today...

During a chess game, Mary delivers a check, but her opponent's king does not move. Furthermore, no pieces block the check, and there are no captures. However, the game is not over after this move (not checkmate, stalemate, etc.). How is this possible?

Two possible answers:

(1) This is a correspondence game, and Mary sent a monetary check (cheque) along with her move...possibly to pay an entry fee or as a gift for her opponent. She did not "check" her opponent's king.

(2) They are playing take-me, or some other variant that does not require the king to be on the board.


Anonymous said...

hey Hazel!
sorry i didn't get your text last night about chess club until late. i'll defs try to come next week, but if not, do you want to hook up sometime & just play a game by ourselves?
if not, that's cool too. hope you're having a good weekend.

Hazel Smith said...

Hey Jill,

Sure, are you sure you won't be too busy studying for exams? Just remind me to bring a chess set next time I'm on campus, and we'll play a quick game.
My weekend has been pretty relaxing. How about yours?