Saturday, October 9, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

(don't mind the's not easy drawing with a "paintbrush"!)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Annual Top Ten List of Thank Yous:

1. Thank you to my loving family for providing me with so many opportunities.

2. Thank you to my friends for unconditional support.

3. Thank you to my relatives, especially my Aunt Elaine, who would have celebrated her birthday this upcoming October 21.

4. Thank you to my caring doctors for making me smile when I was down.

5. Thank you to my past and present chess students, their parents, and fellow instructors/volunteers.

6. Thank you to the kindest chess coaches in the world - Goran and Dave.

7. Thank you to chess organizers, especially Corinna, for inspiring Canadians of all ages.

8. Thank you to Ilana, who has been working to build a base for chess club at Laurier.

9. Thank you to my professors, classmates, and roommates for putting up with me :)

10. Thank you to my blog readers (how could I forget?)!!!

As you celebrate this wonderful holiday, remember to cherish those around you, and the opportunities you have been given :)

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