Monday, January 31, 2011

Elaine Howie Fund Update

Hello Readers,

I found some time this weekend to sort through the numbers related to the 2010 fund. More details in the morning...

To give you an idea of juniors who have done exceptionally well in 2010 according to the criteria I have set out (I'll explain in the morning; the order below is simply by age category):

Theo Wolchock
Joshua Doknjas
Yue Tong (Davy) Zhao
Kevin Yi-Xiao Yie
Luke Pulfer
Nicole Birarov
Declan Paul Boushy
Patrick Angelo Tolentino
Varshini Paraparan
Joseph Bellissimo
Yuanchen Zhang
Jamil F. Kassam
Kevin Wan
Daniel Zotkin
Derick Aghamalian
Jeff Zhang
Jiaxin Liu
Mark Nie
Richard Chen
Janet Peng
Constance Wang
Razvan Preotu
Mark Plotkin
Jackie Peng
Ryan Yang
Bryant Yang
Diwen Shi
Zhanna Sametova
Shaumik Baki
Dennis Tismenko
Zi Yi (Joey) Qin
David Itkin
Juliaan Posaratnanathan
Yuekai Wang
Lin (Xin) Song
Leslie Tang
Jayson Huang

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