Sunday, March 20, 2011

Top Ten

Top 10 things a tournament organizer should consider before selecting a venue:

1. Location, location, location - nearby accommodations, transit routes, parking, residential areas, restaurants, etc.

2. Lighting - hmm was that a white piece I moved, or a black one?

3. Space - a little arm space would be nice!

4. Noise level - once I went to a tournament where the room we played in was directly below a room full of dancers; well, I guess that's only good if you want to show off your ceiling ;) Same for squeaky chairs and tables. Oh, and also consider if the sound of chess pieces + clocks will affect other conduct in the building.

5. Decor - chess players are creative thinkers, so try to make sure the atmosphere reflects that.

6. Rules - there are many rules to consider, but as an example, you don't want to have hundreds of players going through a high-rise hotel if the elevator limit is really low. You also don't want to have a junior tournament in a location more suited for adults (and vice versa).

7. Fees - everyone should know by have to read the fine print!

8. Special considerations - are there different rooms for different sections or one room for everyone? Is there a stage or other feature to highlight key games? What is the connectivity and technology available in the room(s)? What about temperature/humidity? etc...

9. Reputation and past record of the venue - for instance, what other tournaments and events been held there before?

10. Instinct - be extra cautious if something doesn't feel right. If you don't like the venue, and have other suitable options, go with one of the alternatives. You'll probably run a better tournament in a location you are more comfortable with.

Anything else?

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