Sunday, July 11, 2010

Canadian Open Visit!

Just visited the Westin Harbour last night. Lots of great games, players, and I must say, the site is beautiful. Here are some photos:

Looking outside the window

Downstairs - delightful carpets!

Downstairs from another angle


Hmmm...I wonder where the chess room is :)


These stairs were meant for kings and queens!

One of the many hotel pianos

Empty room beside the playing hall

Thank you to all the sponsors!

Peek inside

Full view

Ice-cold water and white tea tablets ("free antioxidants!" - Jeffrey + Jennifer)

Tournament directors only

Monroi live game displays

Side view

Even the ceiling is fancy

Getting dark

From the window at night

A bit blurry, but the Westin Harbour consists of the two tall buildings

A nice touch to end the day

I will soon be uploading photos from my recent trip to the U.S. - some really cool stuff. Check back later! You won't be disappointed :)

In addition: Congrats to all CYCC participants! The WYCC folks won't know what hit 'em...Go Team Canada!!!


AL said...

Hi I saw you visit. Would be better if you were playing though!

Hazel Smith said...

I thought about playing, but I have other commitments during the week, and could only schedule a visit :( It's an unfortunate coincidence that most of the tournaments this summer fell on days I had something else planned...Ontario Open, Hart House, Canadian Open...and the one tournament I was going to attend got cancelled (Guelph).