Monday, July 12, 2010

Pittsburgh Day 1

After a scramble to get my passport renewed, my family finally got to go on a trip to the U.S. We visited Buffalo/Darien Lake for a few days, then Pittsburgh for the majority of last week. During that time, I took a few thousand (!) photos. Literally, I didn't go anywhere without my camera. I picked out some of my favourites, and will present them in short sections, starting with day 1 in Pittsburgh (I still need to upload my Buffalo pics).

Day 1, Monday, was a rush to prepare for. We had just gotten back to Toronto late the night before to drop off my sister and my dad, and pick up our rental car. As a result, we didn't actually leave until 3 pm. Driving time took about 6 hours + stops for dinner and traffic at the border. We arrived at our hotel in the outskirts of Pittsburgh around midnight (we actually should have arrived around 11 pm, but got a bit lost looking for the road signs along the dark streets -- reminder: leave earlier next time!). To make things worse, my mom realized she forgot her laptop cable in Toronto, meaning no online access for a few days. At least the hotel room was nice. Here are my favourite photos:

It's been awhile since I've seen Niagara Falls. With all the cars and road blocks, I was surprised to get this photo.

The Falls on the U.S. side. Of course, Canada wins :)

Just about to pass the border.

Beautiful sunset!

The Residence Inn is very cozy. It even has a kitchen.
(Yes, that's a blue storage box on the counter. I was hungry.)

The bed, though I spent just as much time sleeping on the sofa - it was surprisingly comfy.

More to come...days 2, 3, 4, and 5...

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