Monday, July 12, 2010

Pittsburgh Day 4

Day 4 consisted mainly of exploring the local area, and more shopping. As you can tell, there were TONS of cool shops everywhere. I was so glad we didn't pack a lot of luggage.

Out of all the days, this was probably the most relaxing. We didn't have many fixed plans, and kind of came up with things along the way.


I just realized, this photo was actually from Day 3. It's a downtown statue made up of model bridges.


The best bookstore ever! Great selection at low prices. Chess books generally cost $5 to $10, although one was on clearance for $2! Since they buy used books (as well as sell new books), some of the chess readings were older versions with popular authors, although the non-algebraic notation was a bit of a turn-off. I can read older notation, at a slower pace, but definitely prefer the newer versions.

My mom found this sign. It reads: "b(eco)me bagless. Decline a plastic bag, and we'll set aside 5 cents for environmental initiatives. For every bagless transaction, Half Price Books will set aside 5 cents to environmental initiatives which benefit programs designed to educate the public on environmentally related topics including conservation, recycling and preservation. Find out more at"

As you can see, businesses actually pay for the initiatives, rather than the customers. Pittsburgh in particular is transforming its dirty, steel mill image into a more sustainable one.

Blueberry crepes at Bob Evans restaurant. Filled with lots of whipped cream cheese inside. Yum!

Annual shoe sale at Macy's - 50 to 65% off!

Love this license plate.

I couldn't resist. These cheese balls were everywhere!

HUGE danishes at Costco. Never see these in Toronto. In general, portion sizes are much larger in the States.

Another sunset.


Me and my new hat.

Me and my new hat again.

And again...

Without the hat.

Day 5 coming soon...

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