Monday, July 12, 2010

Pittsburgh Day 5

Okay, last day of our trip. My morning consisted of packing up our bags and finishing the leftovers in the fridge. Then off we went for one last drive downtown. After returning the laptop cable, we stopped for lunch at Au Bon Pain (my favourite bakery!), took a few more pictures, and headed towards the Grove City Prime Outlets an hour away (on the way home).

Nearing the end of the day, both my mom and I could agree - we had had more than enough shopping. Continuing down the road, we stopped at Ponderosa for dinner, then drove (well...I slept) the rest of the way home. We got back SOOOO late, and I had to teach soon after. Yet astonishingly, my energy was restored when I visited the Canadian Open as a spectator later that night. Usually I get drained from playing games, but watching them is another story. I felt kind of guilty because everyone around was under so much pressure! Good work and good luck to all participants.

View near the hotel pool.

Another exterior view of the hotel.

Picture before leaving.

Note: I'm wearing a bag, which is actually dark blue, but somehow blended in with my black shirt colour to make it look like all the U.S. food built up in my stomach area :(

Downtown PPG building (Au Bon Pain inside).

Fountain in the middle of Market Square, with surrounding PPG buildings.

Dinosaur in Market Square.

Another dino in Market Square.

Downtown trolley.

As I said before, Pittsburgh loves sports. This is the Heinz stadium.

PNC Park Stadium

Yet another bridge. Hard to see, but if you look at the sign down the road, it says Hazlett Street (Exit 3).

Not sure if I would want to go to "Slippery Rock University". Also notice the rain. We were fortunate to miss the rain/storms in Pittsburgh.

The outlets looked like paradise around every turn.

Lots of vending machines in the U.S.

Banana Republic is awesome!

Cakes look like hamburgers.

Candy galore! This is within Giant Eagle, a grocery store, but giant bags of candy could be found in Staples, OfficeMax, and many many other stores. Too bad for them, because I'm not really much of a sweet tooth anymore.

Note: Back to school sales are starting up. If anyone is visiting the U.S., they have ridiculously low prices for school supplies later in July and August.

A whole row of freezers was devoted to ice cream and novelties.

Leaving the grocery store, we passed by a wall which was painted with fun graphics. I quickly grabbed my camera, turned it on, and without realizing it was still on flash, took a picture. The flash illuminated the wall! Surprised, I tried again, but ended up with an ugly white picture, and deleted it.

That's all for my Pittsburgh trip. Thanks for reading - hope you enjoyed these posts! If you have time, I would recommend visiting Pennsylvania. In my opinion, it's much lovelier and more spacious than many other areas. Despite that, there's always a place in my heart for Toronto :)

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