Monday, July 12, 2010

Pittsburgh Day 3

Using the remaining memory on my camera's digital card, I managed to take some more pictures downtown. First stop - IBM mobile center. After numerous phone calls, and a fortunate coincidence, my mom managed to borrow a charger for her laptop. Luckily for us, parking on the street was relatively cheap for short time intervals (less than 1 hour). Only 25 cents per 7.5 minutes.

Next stop - the National Aviary, a bird museum which supports the conservation of numerous species and their habitats. We donated some money for parking, but when we went to pay, they charged me as a child (age 2 - 12)! Do I really look that young?

In the museum, I swerved around, trying to capture images while dodging all sorts of bird poop and one bird which had the habit of flying into people! It struck me in a sneak attack from the back. Smart bird. Struck us all like dominoes.

On the plus side, there were many beautiful and rare species, some of which you will see below. We also got to see a variety of bird food cooked up for the feathered animals, and a bird hospital. Overall, it was worth the trip.

Before heading back to the area around our hotel, we took a short drive around the Cultural District (Market Square) and Strip District (Convention Center). Had to be careful navigating the streets, but we got through in good time.

We then had a very late lunch at Cracker Barrel. Amazing corn bread and biscuits. Afterward, more shopping, making sure to get a new digital card, and late dinner at Steak and Shake, a diner serving, you guessed it, steak (burgers) and all sorts of milkshakes (strawberry, peach, oreo, mint, dark chocolate, peanut butter, and more...). We didn't go until much later, but between 2 pm and 4 pm, they charge half price for milkshakes, which are already relatively cheap ($3.49).

Again, very tired by the time we got back to the hotel.


Downtown buildings :)

Inside one of the buildings, looking up.

Nice view of PPG Place, a collection of stunning business buildings in the heart of the city.

I forget what this bird is called, but it's the first one you see when entering the aviary.

100% American!

African Penguin swimming underwater. Another penguin was standing on a rock, but ran away when I tried to take a picture. Another smart bird.

A colourful (and hungry) toucan.

From the group of flamingoes. It looks like it would be a pro at ballet. I was very pleased with this photo because, as you can see from the bottom of the image, most of the flamingoes spent a lot of time scratching/grooming themselves rather than "posing".

A blue parrot!

This colourful parrot inched its way along a tree branch, settled in place (right near my view), and turned its back to me as if it wanted to show off its feathers for the camera!

Who knew birds enjoy their food so much?

This bird wins the prize for best eating technique and most photogenic.

Walked right up to me!

My mom's favourite. Flies very quickly, and seems the most friendly (you often see these in pairs).

More to come....days 4, 5...

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