Thursday, December 23, 2010

Countdown #17 - 23

Countdown #17 - 23 - Would You Rather? x7 (one for each day)

Value: 1 point per question answered

1. Would you rather play in a chess tournament on Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve?

2. Would you rather receive a wool sweater with a huge graphic of a chess king that says "Check me!" or an antenna hat with giant light-up pawns?

3. Would you rather make a (chess-related) holiday logo for Apple or Microsoft?

4. Would you rather have a completely black and white holiday tree or a standard tree with all black and white ornaments?

5. Would you rather eat burnt holiday brownies or burnt holiday pie?

6. Would you rather go shopping on December 24 (Christmas Eve) or December 26 (Boxing Day)?

7. Would you rather spend Christmas day (substitute with another holiday if you don't celebrate Christmas) at home or with relatives/friends?

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