Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Last-Minute Gift Guide

Finally, the gift guide! This is a short list of products I have found to be/look interesting. However, these are only some of many ideas...I encourage you to look around for more (or for similar items)! If I come across anything else, I'll add another list later on. Got to go holiday shopping now :S

My high school teacher introduced me to Blokus. It's a great game, especially for chess players. This is the portable version. $16.99.
For scheduling all your tournaments! $16.95.

Now you can really "eat" the pieces! Special order.

Can't go wrong with these!

Still thinking about the game? Now you can sleep on it! $24.50.,378857414

I love the detail! $61.60 and up.

Can I have a pet chessfish? Poster $5.00.

Never lose them again! $11.00

Perfect for kids. $19.99.

Who says players can't speak their minds during the game? Turn towards the interrupting person, and point at your t-shirt. So simple! $30.00 and up for the value version, $46.25 and up for the regular version.

Now you can really master those imbalances! $32.95

Too cute! $195 for the complete set.

Such a great series! $29.95, or special pricing with other editions.

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